Amazon and Caylent Expand Technical Collaboration with Silicon Valley High School to Power Global Growth Beyond 2024 - Silicon Valley High School

Silicon Valley High School (SVHS), a leading accredited school publishing a curriculum of more than 60 AI-driven high school courses, today announced a substantially expanded technology collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon partner Caylent. Building on the successful AI implementation in 2023 to design AI and machine learning solutions to address cheating in online exams, Amazon and Caylent will provide extensive infrastructure, analytics and machine learning capabilities to support SVHS’s rapid growth and enable delivery of personalized, high-quality and affordable education at scale.

SVHS recently upgraded to a scalable server architecture on AWS whereby multiple cloned copies of the SVHS learning platform are serving more than 50,000 students from various AWS data centers across the globe. Under this new collaboration with AWS and Caylent, additional servers will be housed in different AWS regions to deliver 24×7 high-performance availability and performance data will be made available through an advanced data lake to deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute information on the performance of students, courses, teachers, schools, AI bots and performance of the learning platform itself. 

David Smith, CEO of Silicon Valley High School says “As the leading cloud hosting platform, we are happy and flattered that AWS decided to provide substantial financial and technical support to help us build a scalable and reliable service for our students and the schools we serve.”

“We’re excited by the work SVHS is doing to transform the educational experience with AI, and pleased that our AWS platform can play an important part in delivering quality, affordable education to potentially millions of students and thousands of schools worldwide”.

Jeff Schultz, Account Executive at Caylent, also commented, “This is an exciting project for us. The reliability, security and capabilities of the AWS global infrastructure provide the ideal foundation for SVHS to scale its learning platform while optimizing availability, performance and costs.”

This project has already kicked off in January 2024, with more than a dozen AWS and Amazon consultants working alongside the SVHS software development engineering teams.