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Hello, welcome to Spanish! My name is Mirella Congiu; I am a native of Barcelona, Spain, and have been working in education for 18 years. I have lived in Spain, Italy, and the United States. I believe teaching a second language opens up a door for students to understand the world with new eyes. I understand we all have different strengths and weaknesses in our learning process. Nevertheless, learning a language involves repetition, memorization skills, and work. Please submit your assignments as you complete each unit so that I can give you feedback and help you succeed in the course. If you need help or have questions, always contact me through this 'Ask the Teacher' page. I hope you enjoy the course!!

Before You Submit Your Question:

I'm happy to answer your questions. Before contacting me, check if the answers are provided in the list below. Click on the 'Chat' icon if you want to chat with someone on the SVHS customer support team now, or if you haven't heard back from me, as that may mean my email to you was blocked or bounced back.

  • Your final will only appear once you have completed all the quizzes, tests and I have graded all your assignments.

  • When you submit an assignment, I get notified. I try to grade assignments within 2-3 school days, but sometimes it's not possible. I generally don't grade assignments on weekends and holidays, so please be patient. Always allow 3 days for an assignment to be graded. At the end of a semester, it gets very busy, so allow 7 days. Please don't leave all your assignments until the end of the semester; that will put a lot of stress on both of us.

  • When you have a concern or need help with a question in a quiz, test, or final, please 'flag it' on the quiz itself. Then reach out to me and let me know which quiz you want me to review, and tell me why you flagged the question. This will save you rewriting the question or having to describe it.

  • If you are struggling with the course, remember we offer tutoring. You can book one session to get you past something you're having trouble with, or you can book a series of tutoring sessions to help you through the course.

I hope you're enjoying the course. When you finish the course, complete the course feedback form and let me know what you think. Many thanks!