Online Schooling VS Homeschooling - Silicon Valley High School

It is considered that homeschooling limits the perspective of the classes. The reason for this happening is because one human being or a pair of parents cannot have expertise in all the subjects that have to be taught. On the contrary, with online learning, you can still have a homeschooling experience but with the advantage that all courses are taught by different professionals that have a passion, drive, and a background in what they are teaching. This allows students to gain a broader knowledge of the subject.

Here at Silicon Valley High School we carefully select the teachers. We believe that it is a key component of the online learning experience. 

From the parent’s pint of view, homeschooling can be challenging.  It requires the parent to hold themselves accountable and to properly plan the complex task that is to lead the way of the student through all the subjects that have to be completed in the semester. One of the main benefits of online schooling is that the parent has not to take on the responsibility to teach the subjects taking away a big weight from their shoulders. 

SVHS courses are well organized for the student to be able to take on them at their own pace. The courses that we offer are accredited by multiple institutions such as the NCAA or the University of California.