Online schooling can be much more fun than what you think!

Online schooling done the right way can be much more fun and even more rewarding than most people may initially think! As a matter of fact, over 96.3% of students who take a course with us at Silicon Valley High School say they would recommend it to a friend!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to be an expert, whether in education or any given subject matter, for your child to learn at home. This is largely because you have hundreds of at-home-learning options to choose from in 2020. With traditional homeschooling, you can access a plethora of online guides and material that will help you lead your child in their studies. However, if you prefer not to take on the responsibility of teaching the subjects to your student independently, you can enroll your children in an online school such as SVHS! 

The main benefit of online schooling is that the student will find all the material needed for each subject delivered to them in a well-structured and user-friendly format. Furthermore, your student will also benefit from the support of dedicated teachers that are specialized in a specific subject who can help and guide your student toward successfully learning all of the material required to pass their courses. All of our courses offered at Silicon Valley High School are supported and designed by credentialed teachers. This means that each of our courses are graded by a dedicated teacher who is trained in their specific subject and can provide support and feedback to our students as they work through our courses. All of our enrolled students can contact their teacher as needed with questions regarding course materials, course concepts, assignments, quiz questions, and beyond!

When considering if online schooling is appropriate for your student, it is imperative to consider the importance of developing their skills as a self-educator. You don’t need to be a micromanaging taskmaster for your child to become self-disciplined and successful.

As biopsychologist, Peter Gray, wrote in his book:

“Children come into the world burning to learn and genetically programmed with extraordinary capacities for learning. They are little learning machines.”

We are all born autodidacts — self-educators — blessed with an instinctive drive to acquire, exercise, test, and improve new abilities that will help us thrive in life.

As children grow more aware of the world around them, they yearn to engage with it and to do so with ever greater independence. They see how adults and older kids use their minds and bodies to do wondrous things — moving, communicating, performing, creating, etc — and this inspires them into emulation.

This is not to say there is no fundamental difference between children and adults. Children need to be externally directed and corrected for them to be able to autonomously perform their daily doings. Children can be trusted to self-direct, and to self-direct toward ever-greater self-actualization. 

Our objective at SVHS is to help our students develop their skills as self-motivated and independent-learners while keeping them on track to achieve their academic goals. To aid in this process, we have implemented a system that allows us to track the performance and progress of our students as they work through our courses which we utilize heavily for our full-time students to ensure they are getting the most out of their education. This system allows us to notify our students with additional study advice and course progress updates if we feel it is necessary to help steer them back on track. If a student continues to struggle and is not able to get back on track independently, we then move forward to contact their parents, tutors, and academic support advisors for additional help in achieving this task. However, we have found that many students take their self-educating responsibilities quite seriously when we provide them with a bit of independence and usually all it takes is a gentle nudge and occasional progress updates for students falling behind in their studies get themselves on back track toward reaching their academic goals!

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