Steven Bender: Student of the Month-May 2024 - Silicon Valley High School

We’re pleased to announce Steven Bender as our Student of the Month. Steven has been studying online with Silicon Valley High School for the past three years, demonstrating exceptional dedication, creativity, and a genuine passion for learning.

Throughout his time at SVHS, Steven has consistently displayed a strong work ethic and a desire to engage with the course material on a deeper level. Despite the challenges of online learning, he has actively sought out opportunities to discuss class topics with his parents and share ideas with friends in public school, fostering a love for intellectual discourse and collaboration.

Callie Phillips, Steven’s supervising teacher says, “I have been impressed with Steven’s ambition and dedication to our program. He is a great student and was a joy to work with!”

Steven has diverse interests and accomplishments. From his love for camping and nature photography to his expertise in handling reptiles and his dedication to fitness through boxing, Steven has shown that he is a well-rounded individual with a zest for life. His commitment to treating others with kindness and respect is evident in his life philosophy and his desire to help people whenever possible.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Steven has set ambitious goals for himself, such as obtaining his real estate license, finishing his pilot’s license, and working on a book. His determination and resourcefulness are sure to serve him well as he continues to pursue his passions.

Steven has been accepted to several prestigious universities, including Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, Chapman, Cal Lutheran, UCI, and CSULB. After careful consideration, Steven has chosen to attend Biola University, where he is interested in business or history.

Steven’s favorite assignments from 11th grade demonstrate his ability to think critically, empathize with others, and effectively communicate his ideas. His love for learning and his desire to make a positive impact on the world are truly inspiring.

We congratulate Steven on his outstanding achievements and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We have no doubt that he will continue to excel and make a difference in the lives of those around him.