Integrated Math 2, Part 2 - Silicon Valley High School


Price: $125 | Credits: One Semester | Dept: Math | Course ID# 232-2

This course is the second part of Integrated Math 2 and includes an in-depth look into Geometry, building on the number and quantity, as well as Algebraic concepts learned in part 1. Students will use mathematical modeling to determine angle and side relationships within polygons, triangles, and other geometric shapes. Integrated Math 2 contains standards from all six of the conceptual categories – number and quantity, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry, and statistics and probability.  Integrated Math 2 is approved by the University of California A-G as mathematics (category C).

Upon completion of this course, the student is awarded 5 credits. Each credit corresponds to 15 hours of study. Of course, some students work more quickly than others, and some can devote more hours to study, so some students are able to complete the course in an accelerated rate.


In this module, students gain a comprehension of the following:

  • Angles, Area and Perimeter of Polygons
  • Properties of Parallelograms
  • Conditions for Special Parallelograms
  • Properties of Trapezoids and Kites
  • Transformations, Dilations and Similarity
  • Proving Similar Triangles
  • Proportionality Theorems
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Finding measures of Arc, Chords, and Angles within a Circle
  • Volume and Surface Area of 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Counting Theory
  • Experimental and Theoretical Probability
  • Application of Probability to Geometry


This course covers the following topics:

  • Quadrilateral and Other Polygons Polynomial Operations
  • Triangle Similarity
  • Right Triangles and Trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Volume
  • Understanding Probability
Integrated Math 2 Part 2 the Second Semester of the Course for $125
Course Details:
• One Semester Credit: $125
• Second Semester of Int. Math 2