Student of the Month - Carter Steadman - Silicon Valley High School

We would like to congratulate Carter Steadman on earning honors as the Silicon Valley High School Student of the Month!

During the last few months, Carter has displayed remarkable dedication to his schoolwork and shown that he is the type of student who always strives to do his best on every assignment or task he is faced with.

Carter describes himself as an old soul because he is not afraid to be himself and doesn’t feel pressured to conform to societal norms! He appreciates living a uncomplicated lifestyle full of diversity and new experiences. Carter seeks to achieve balance in everything he does and prioritizes expressing kindness to the people around him throughout his daily life.

When asked about his experience with Silicon Valley High School, Carter explains that “Silicon Valley High School is a very healthy choice for me, and I am so glad to be here
where I can take the time I need in my courses and can make time for balance in my life”.

Carter enjoys conceptualizing and building new things through hands-on activities such as computer coding projects or repairing antique clocks. He enjoys being outside in nature, practicing sports like water polo and tennis, and playing simulation-based video games in his leisure time. He is currently working on an Amazon Cloud Services Certification, volunteers for various wildlife conservation organizations such as the Monarch Watch, and serves as an E-3 Cadet in the Air Force Junior ROTC program. When asked about his plans beyond high school, Carter thinks that his future career will most likely involve cyber and computer sciences.

David Smith, CEO of Silicon Valley High School, expresses that “it has been a pleasure to have Carter take courses with SVHS and I’m confident that his hard work ethic will pay off for him to achieve his short and long term goals”.

We are extremely proud to give Carter our Student of the Month award and appreciate all of the hard work he has put in throughout the courses he has taken with us!