Student of the Month-Ravneel Prashar - Silicon Valley High School

April 2020

Our first Student of the Month, Ravneel Prashar, is outstanding in many ways. Ravneel scored 100% on every quiz, test, assignment and final in both Integrated Math 1 Part 1 and Integrated Math 1 Part 2. By setting himself daily targets and goals, he also completed both courses in record time. What is truly remarkable is that these are high school courses and Ravneel is still in 8th grade!

Ravneel says “Math has been my favorite subject throughout elementary to high school! I just love the way how math is all around us and we get to use it in real-time every single day. Math makes me think critically and have better problem-solving skills. From algebra to geometry, everything is just fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more math in higher classes!”

David Smith, CEO of Silicon Valley High School says “It’s been a pleasure to have Ravneel take courses with SVHS. His drive and commitment to succeed in math are an inspiration. As well as scoring maximum scores in all aspects of the courses, he provided us with ideas about new materials that could be added to the courses in future.”

Smith continues: “We usually advise middle-school students against completing high-school classes until they’re officially enrolled in high school, because many high schools are unable to recognize credits earned in middle school. However, in Ravneel’s case, he was not looking for high school credits, but was taking these courses with SVHS so that he could enter higher level math classes when he enrolls in high school. I’m sure he’ll do well in his future math studies and it’s been a pleasure to help Ravneel jump ahead with his studies”.