Testimonials - Silicon Valley High School


Here is what our students, parents, and counselors have to say:

“Whenever I needed something, I emailed one of the staff members to help me. They even made some changes to the class to help make it adjusted for the style of learning I enjoy. The staff members are always so quick to respond to the emails and help I needed. They obviously wanted me to do my best and enjoy the class as much as I could.” – Vincenzo M. Student

“..I want to express my gratitude to you for providing my son an educational experience where he is able to find success! You may remember, (my son) was falling out of high school and headed for the alternative school before we made the change to SVHS. What a life changing experience this has been. Not only is he getting As and Bs (which he NEVER has received) he’s also so much happier. Everyone has noticed the positive difference in (my son). I am so grateful for the education you are providing my son. Many, many thanks to your school and teachers!!!” – Kathy D Parent

“Silicon Valley High School has been the perfect online resource for my home-schooled high school student. The SVHS.co online courses are easily accessible and easy to understand. SVHS.co has allowed my son complete flexibility with his schedule and even more importantly the ability to move at his own pace. I particularly appreciate how the program breaks down the material into bite size chunks, making the material less intimidating and more manageable. This allows him a stress free way to stay with a topic until he feels he has mastered it, before moving on to the testing portion of the program. This program has made home schooling through high school a true possibility for us. I highly recommend you give it a try!” – Andrea S. Parent

“I want to thank you for the support svhs has given our students. I remember when you first reached out to explain what svhs was all about and to be perfectly honest, I was somewhat skeptical. But about 2 years later, many of our students have taken advantage of the courses offered by svhs and have been quite successful. Thank you,” Norma F. Counselor

“..he is enjoying the course (as much as a 15yr old can enjoy a math course) and likes the format.” – Sue M. Parent

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“It was easy to pass as long as I did the work, as school should be. The material was even interesting.” -Sierra P. Student

“Thank you. (Daughter) has thoroughly enjoyed this course. Wish there was another one!” – Kia S. Parent

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“It allows you to be very flexible and it teaches you the subject really well. I like the combination of videos and articles that it gives.” – Anna B. Student

“I love SVHS, by the way, and refer your courses to all of my high schoolers! The class format is so straightforward and the content is very accessible for all students. The classes have met the needs of my college prep students, those with 504 plans, and students with IEPs and disabilities! They all have enjoyed the course content. Thanks for all you do!” – Elizabeth T. Education Specialist

I would recommend SVHS to a friend because the course gives a lot of helpful information, and all the videos that are provided make sense and are easy to understand. The assignments are also very involving and fun! I also really like the teachers, and they make it easy to want to communicate with them. – Maia M. Student

“The prices for the classes I wanted to take were unbelievably low and much more affordable than ANY other online school on the web. The class was very organized and well lay out. It was really nice being able to move at my own pace and finish however much I wanted to each day.” – Vincenzo M. Student

.. And I am very impressed with the course and its straightforward focus on assignments that emphasize learning, thinking, and interpreting. (I am a former college professor.) – Margo M. Parent

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“I would recommend SVHS to a friend because the courses are not too easy or hard to take. I think in many ways taking courses on SVHS may be easier and more helpful than taking the course in school. Learning is easy and you have access to ask the teacher a question at any time.” – Kaitlynn C. Student

The course allows you to learn at your own pace with less pressure than an in-school course. Additionally, this online course achieves the same quality as any in-school course and is a great option for anyone looking to get ahead, for a summer course, or anyone who may be struggling with their in-school course.” – Kiera O. Student

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

Yes. The course is very through, and the assignments directly relate to the course material and increase the student’s understanding of the concepts that have been taught. The assignments made the difference from she “sort of knows” the material to she “really knows” the material.” – Richard B. Parent 

“At first I was scared that learning through videos wouldn\’t be enough for me and I\’d be confused but to be honest the videos provided were very detailed and explained the topic very well.” – Scarlett W. Student

“I would recommend it as this program is very visual and auditory as well as full of notes which can really help a student achieve well in the unit tests and quizzes. the quizzes in every lesson help a lot in the understanding of the subjects though, a student can take the quiz and know they are learning something from the lesson as it testes their memory of the subject and content. for many of my friends at my school, this kind of learning style would be excellent as this is what type of learning we students can easily adapt to.” – Zoe F. Student

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“I would ABSOLUTELY recommend SVHS to a friend because it was a great course! It was the best possible course while still being online! The videos show and teach exactly what you are tested on in the quizzes/tests, they are not videos just being thrown in there. Very visually appealing and motivates you to learn!” – Stan H. Student

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“I would 110% recommend this to a friend. The classes are only $125 and it is completely self-paced and works perfectly for any student that travels a lot, participates in many after school actives, or has a job!!” – Mia N. Student

“This course helped me learn a lot of material and I think that it was easy to learn from this course and it was easy to take it at my own pace.” – Chloe C. Student

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“I would recommend this to a friend because frankly, it teaches you better than the teachers at school.” – Alexandra L. Student

“I feel that I had multiple resources available to me in order to help me understand the subject. Though I was skeptical about online learning, I felt that I truly retained the information I was being taught and was still able to connect with teachers and peers if I had a problem.” – Elizabeth N. Student

Why would you recommend SVHS to a friend?

“I really enjoyed this course! It was very organized and helped me very much! I 100% recommend this program to a friend!” – Abigail C. Student

“This school is amazing! Honestly, when I first started I wasn’t super excited but during my courses I really enjoyed them. I liked my english course so much that I did multiple modules on the weekend and did as much as I could for that class. The videos they show you during modules are really informative and useful. I learned a lot at this school, and right now I am really excited to do my Astronomy assignment. SVHS really taught me so many new things, if I could, I’d give them more stars. If you’re on the fence about going to SVHS, take my word for it, it’s worth it. The way that credits work is so simple and easy to understand.” – Dominic V. Student